The Sick Nutsman EP

by Marital Roles

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Last release ever. Older recordings from when we were still a 3-piece hence the lack of bass. We'll miss you people. Learn the lyrics in case we ever have a reunion show, which will probably never happen.


released June 15, 2013

James Reuter-Mastering



all rights reserved


Marital Roles Indianapolis, Indiana


Spencer Hannowsky-Vocals

Grady Farris-Guitar/Vocals

James Reuter-Drums

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Track Name: That Tent Was a Bad Idea
I'm thinking about jumping out of this window
To see if I'll float up to the sky,
Then explode.
Up to the sky.(x2)

(I'm not the same)
Then maybe you would
(But what can I do?)
See how I feel.
(I will never)
Maybe you would.
See how I feel.

When my
Are Down.
When my
Are out.

And when we're
Back against the wall,
By what?

I've been wasting life again,
Inside my head.
Track Name: Merit Badge
We walked side by side.
With no end in sight.
Where fate never fades.
We coughed out the feelings.

With rope burns on my palms,
I'm laughing at death.
Cold nights that lack warm arms,
I'll never forget.
Blood stains and sweat smeared
Across my chest.
It could be lipstick.
It could be regret.

I laughed out my mouth.
The light I'll never know.
I've always lived in the dark.
The timing's awful enough.

I am afraid.
It could make you happy. (x3)

I am afraid
(I am nothing.)
I am afraid
(I am nothing.)
Of being nothing.
Of being nothing
(I am nothing.)
Of being nothing.
Track Name: Every Time I Come in Contact with a Religious Person, I Feel the Need to Wash my Hands
No idol.
No hope.
I don't know how to hide from this.
I deserve it.
This is my fault.